We are making our consultants grow versatile, bold, curious and eager to learn​


Our biggest asset is our collaborators.

Our expanding positioning, along with our operational excellence, allow us to keep a constant growth while maintaining an agile, dynamic and human-sized structure. We are constantly looking for new personalities to enrich our team and to learn from your experiences. ​

  • With us, you will develop your analytical, creative and relational abilities.
  • You will be actors in concrete and operational projects : you will be a key player in diagnosis and recommendations, which you will implement for your clients.​
  • If you are voluntary, engaged, ambitious and motive, you will quickly take on responsibilities and gain autonomy during your missions as well as within the company.
  • You will work as a team, share your key learnings and collectively contribute to making the whole team more competent.
  • Your enthusiasm will breed a positive and stimulating work atmosphere. When dedicated and performing, you will quickly progress professionally.​

our collaborators : our biggest asset

The 5 steps

Dynamic & individualized career paths

>  Junior Consultant
>  Confirmed consultant
>  Senior Consultant
>  Manager
>  Director

To join us

• You are a fresh graduate from the Top 5 French Business/Engineering Schools or you have a prior successful experience in a marketing/data/digital transformation consulting firm​

• You have sharp analytical and interpersonal skills, a strong team spirit, you are rigorous and autonomous​

• You have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment, you know how to handle team projects thanks to your ambition, drive and team spirit

• You want to participate in the conception and achievement of innovative projects regarding client strategy and marketing performance for great French and international accounts and you want to work in an environment that brings efficiency and enthusiasm together​

• You share our customer centric marketing vision as well as our company values​

Our recruitment


interviews with a consultant, a manger, a director​
Open discussions throughout the process


To join us

« Lynx partners brings efficiency through pragmatism and excellence at work »

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