Thanks to our analytical DNA​, we leverage any kind of data to identify untapped performance levers


Set up your priorities and accelerate execution

Desktop Infographics

& Diagnostic

  • Understand your company organization, culture, business objectives and market stakes
  • Collect data and analyze your operational performance
  • Acquire a precise overview of your levers : consumer strategy, online & offline investments, organizational capabilities, sales and digital processes…
  • Compare your practices and results in regards to your market evolution and competitors

& Recommendation

  • Identify and prioritize strategic opportunities
  • Design disruptive ideas with your teams, tested with consumers if needed
  • Make operational recommendations to execute : business models, ressources, processes, cost optimization, investments, tools, methods,…
  • Recommend new relevant and reliable partners for a faster delivery

& Improvement

  • Start with pilot projects and scale fast
  • Implement optimized processes or tools and assist early adopters
  • Drive improvement plans and help your teams manage change
  • Set-up user-oriented reporting to ensure performance follow-up


Boost your digital
performance thanks
to our Diag-Flash

Our Diag-Flash is an express diagnosis
of your digital performances that we
carry out in a few days and that allows
you to quickly visualize your ranking
in terms of technical performances, user
experience and findability, according
to your sector and competitors


Data to support your decisions
and operations​

Our connected world is filled with information and data,
black gold of the 21st century. A data is three-fold:​


An information

to understand your clients and their uses, your market and its performance


A pattern

to be noted at any client interaction, whatever the modality ​


An indicator

to chose to drive your activities, to ease your decision-making process, to embed in a continuous result-oriented culture​

Our diagnosis phase strictly abides by the GDPR as we collect and translate your internal and external data into information. We turn it into ideas for recommendations, then into evidences for your decisions. They become key-indicators for follow-up and progress, during and after their implementation. This eventually allows you to drive your strategy, your progresses and your operations. ​

la data, or noir du 21e siècle