9 expertises to increase your client strategy
and marketing operations


ROI-centric capabilities

& Process

Customer-centric reorganization - Resources - Skills
Collaborative process - Governance agility and efficiency
Partnerships - Joint-Ventures

Improve your Marketing, Digital, Sales, Data departments efficiency

  • Focus your model of work organization on your customer strategy
  • Build your target structure and a right-sized management of your resources
  • Optimize your collaborative tools, creating a continuous improvement environment
  • Accelerate your teams digital and data competences improvement, assisting them in their development
  • Find the right balance between outsourcing and insourcing your key types of expertise
  • Estimate the impacts of change and identify financing options
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Marketing Campaigns & Investments

Efficiency of online and offline investments
Campaign costs optimization - Partners Selection and RFPs
Budgets reallocation or detection for innovation

Optimize investments and relationship with your Marketing partners

  • Analyze goals, performance and ROI of your campaigns
  • Evaluate services, process and costs of your marketing levers at each stage of the customer journey
  • Improve your media, off-media, online and offline investments on the entire value chain
  • Optimize your agencies and providers portfolio, negotiate and contractualize with the best partners
  • Define balanced and incentive compensation models
  • Maximize your OPEX / CAPEX balance
  • Equip performance monitoring of your Marketing campaigns and operations
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Data & Tools Optimization

Marketing data architecture
Product and Customer Data synergies
Reporting - Continuous improvement

Bring your data architecture and your marketing customer strategy into line

  • Transcribe your customer strategy in use case data
  • Define your key data : data products, data clients, data campaigns, crossed data, …
  • Find KPIs that will measure your operations
  • Improve your data visualization, facilitating the right decision making
  • Recommend needed tools and interfaces : PIM, DAM, RCU, CDP, data lakes, cloud lakes, data visualization, …
  • Identify the right partners and assist your tool implementations
  • Train your marketing teams to efficiently use the new tools and data
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Efficient 360° customer strategy and operations

Acquisition & Media

Leads strategy
On & offline acquisition paths
eRetail media - Data-based campaigns

Drive your acquisition strategy on all Paid-Earned-Owned levers

  • Analyze your internal and external media strategy and organization, and the links with your service providers ecosystem
  • Assess the distribution between paid and organic levers, identify new acquisition sources
  • Compare the services provided by your agencies on online & offline levers : dedicated team, internal and collaborative processes and working documents, investment structure, performance and reporting tools, etc.
  • Structure a panel of agencies working in complementary and collaborative dynamics, yet avoiding duplication of services
  • Optimize your value chain : efficiency of the purchasing department, agencies’ pay structure, renegociation by agreement, launch of new bids, selection and onboarding process for new service providers, drafting and processing contracts
  • Implement processes and KPIs for continuous performance monitoring
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Customer Experience

Purchase journeys - Conversion optimization
Loyalty - Engagement - Customer Relationship
Personalization - Data Activation - CRM

Reinvent a multi-modal customer relationship

  • Compare your offer and customer experience with your competitors’ and disrupting actors’ ; structure your “before-during- and after buying” targets
  • Diversify your buying journey, AB-test your campaigns and interfaces in order to optimize your conversion tunnels
  • Find new and innovative communication channels to reach your customers: voice, chatbots, etc.
  • Gamify your experience, maximize your interaction with customers
  • Tailor customer contact, both push and pull
  • Create harmony / build coherence between your retail and digital experience
  • Reinvent your customer loyalty programs by monitoring in real time generosity and profitability
  • Identify progress plans and pilot projects meant to boost the change
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Digital Ecosystem

Paid, Earned & Owned media structure
Traffic optimization - SEO - SEA
Tracking - Attribution Model - Omnichannel pathways

Upgrade your digital ecosystem and integrate it in an omnichannel strategy

  • Analyze the performance of your digital and eCommerce platforms (ecosystem, findability, SEO, technical performance, UX, etc.) on acquisition, conversion and customer retention
  • Structure your customer ecosystem in order to upgrade the relevancy of contacts, increase recurrent use, create interactive and customized experiences, improve data collection, establish synergies between the retail and digital experience
  • Analyze if your organization, processes and tools are consistent with your digital and customer strategies ; improve them with agility and responsiveness in order to boost your efficiency and time-to-market (through methods, tools, courses, etc.)
  • Define the digital transformation and acceleration roadmap : projects, resources, courses, sequencing, planning
  • Set up the structure for the performance monitoring : KPIs, tools (tagging, AB testing, reporting,…), methodologies, governance
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Innovative Uses & Services

New services - Web3 strategy and projects
User Experience - New business models
Techs & Start-up Partnership

Create a disruptive and loyalty winner experience

  • Map your services experience in the light of your acquisition and customer loyalty strategy, and compare it to your competitors
  • Co-create with your coworkers and clients the opportunities for innovative services using Design Thinking methods
  • Model the offer and its business model
  • Prototype and launch MVP “Minimum Viable Product” pilots to be tested with your customers
  • Identify internal resources or design and development providers
  • Deploy incremental features to enrich your services using the Agile method
  • Give you the necessary tools for continuous monitoring and optimization of your services
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Commercial Animation Plans
Digitization of sales leaflets
Trade-Marketing - Merchandising - POS

Boost and digitalize your commercial operations

  • Analyze and optimize your on and offline, national and local sales action plan
  • Increase synergies, collaborations and both your e-commerce and physical network sales revenue
  • Inrease the performance of your implementation in your points of sale, the results of your business muscle, reduce the material wastage (POSM, merchandising…)
  • Develop your geo-marketing, and digitalize your flyers
  • Help you optimize your strategy, your creative means and your agencies and providers pool : creative agencies, digital agencies, printers, distributors, merchandisors, etc.
  • Define and implement tools for sales monitoring
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Customer Knowledge & Data

360° customer vision
Customer data collect, management and activation - RGPD
Targeting - Personalization - Customer Recommendations

Personalize your offers and experiences trough a 360° client view

  • Analyze your CRM strategy ways and means as well as how they abide by the GDPR in order to give you a 360-client view
  • Assess your tools and operations performance with regards to the competition, innovations and ROI
  • Redefine your segmentations, targeting, loo-alike, personalization levels, structure and accounts date and online customer profiles
  • Increase your contact rate, the customer date omnichannel collect, their action on the various courses and interfaces
  • Invent and prioritize new data use cases in parallel with your client strategy and the necessary tools for a successful online and physical activation
  • Implement dashboards and indicators to steer a 360 client view
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