Business Case

Offre Lynx _ Media et acquisition

The challenge

A leader in sport & leisure equipment wants to optimize its spending on advertising production (press visuals, TV films) and digital content to invest savings in new growth drivers

Our approach

  • Defining the content associated with each product according to business challenges
  • Defining and disseminating good production management practices (brief, collaborative process, etc.)
  • Listing a panel of service providers that meet the client’s expectations in terms of expertise, quality and costs
  • Negotiating the costs of the different productions
  • Developing a budget construction tool

« We were able to gain greater flexibility, which enabled us to respond to new challenges: reinvesting in our digital presence and our international development. »


  • Adaptation of investments to the business challenges of each product or operation
  • Facilitation of the construction of budgets according to real needs and not historical data
  • Improvement of production quality
  • Optimization of expenses
  • Management of the savings reinvestment based on objective rules