Business Case

Reorganization following several mergers

The challenge

A major player in genetics, animal reproduction and monitoring wants to rationalize its resources to prepare for an international development

Our approach

  • Moving from a product-centric organization (based on branches) to a customer-centric organization (based on business competence)
  • Centralizing skills and resources within clearly identified teams
  • Identifying key recruitments and drawing up all job descriptions
  • Drawing up target processes and RACIs
  • Training teams

« The former organization was inherited from the group’s historical monopoly situation. Following the entry of international players into the market, the rationalization of organization and skills had become a priority issue to initiate a competitive approach and guarantee future growth. »


  • Better market and customer knowledge
  • Development of a strong brand image through the standardization of strategies and processes
  • Increase in operational efficiency of teams
  • Stronger strategic positions