Business Case

Redefinition of brand territories

Business Case Secteur Grande distri Retail Communication

The challenge

A leader in sport and leisure equipment wants to redefine the areas of intervention of its various brands in order to realign the communication of the BUs

Our approach

  • Clarifying the group’s communication objectives and sharing them with the teams
  • Redefining the leads and roles of each entity and pooling the key skills
  • Defining performance KPIs by platform and globally
  • Steering all campaigns from a single tool and centralizing customer data
  • Reorganizing internal communication and promoting good practices

« The silo operation of brands led to inconsistencies such as the production of duplicate content or the transmission of contradictory messages. On the other hand, the centralization of information and the management of levers make it possible to optimize the expenses and impact of each campaign. »


  • Reduction of waste during content production
  • Increase in the operational efficiency of teams (elimination of duplicates, better dissemination of information)
  • Improved user experience thanks to greater content consistency
  • Skills development and performance of smallest entities