Business Case

The challenge

A European publisher wants to create synergies between its companies to optimize the design and costs of POS advertising

Our approach

  • Redefining collaborative processes between Sales, Marketing and Purchasing teams
  • Standardizing the POS models used by the various publishing houses
  • Identifying the main factors of waste throughout the value chain and proposing rules to define the quantities to be produced
  • Negotiating purchasing costs and selecting the best service providers at European level
  • Progressively supporting the centralization of POS purchases at group level

« Our work as closely as possible to the various sales, marketing and purchasing teams has enabled us to harmonize their collaboration and consequently the production of POS products in a centralized purchasing process. »


  • Improved communication synergies between operational departments and publishers
  • Creation of a product library adapted to all brands
  • Optimization of the number of references and quantities produced
  • An easier real-time budget management