Business Case

The challenge

A dermo-cosmetic industry player wants to optimize the distribution rate of its POS displays in pharmacies in Europe

Our approach

  • Carrying out field surveys in order to validate the types and volumes of POS actually exposed according to the service providers
  • Redefining POS kits and resizing the quantities to be deployed for each point of sale and for each type of operation
  • Setting up a tool to automatically manage the POS provisioning per point of sale

« The in-depth study of the POS choices and categories presented enabled us to propose a tailor-made dimensioning of the POS offer for each operation and thus considerably reduce waste. »


  • Sizing of the POS offer (categories of kits and volumes) for each operation according to the generated turnover
  • Delivery of the right quantity of POS per operation and per type of pharmacy
  • Reduction of waste