Business Case

Optimization of the digital ecosystem

The challenge

A fast food catering player wants to transform its digital strategy in order to optimize and monitor it in a more efficient way

Our approach

  • Analysing the current digital ecosystem and comparing it with market best practices
  • Reviewing the activation strategy in light of the new business objectives: redefining mix and investments per channel
  • Supporting the digital transformation (sites, apps, social media) and the implementation of a CRM
  • Implementing a consolidated monitoring of digital performance (definition of KPIs, dashboard ergonomics, etc)

« The detailed analysis of digital budgets brought to light the levers that were oversized in relation to the group’s needs. The released money has been reinvested in strategic projects such as CRM or brand improvement. »

Baptiste Hamelin, Partner


  • Improvement in digital performance
  • More challenged and better managed digital agencies
  • Reduction of activation and upkeep costs
  • Release of funds to invest in an innovative CRM program


savings on the activation of digital levers