Business Case

Optimization of customer acquisition strategy and digital transformation

The challenge

A real estate developer wants to optimize its customer acquisition strategy

Our approach

  • Redefining the acquisition strategy of the various brands
  • Identifying and optimizing the key user journeys
  • Redefining the KPIs and objectives to move from a lead objective to a sales objective
  • Redesigning the digital ecosystem to optimize the publication and distribution of ads

« The customer has been put back at the heart of the acquisition strategy. At each stage of the journey, the content now meets customer needs, which has made it possible to reduce the loss rate at each stage of the conversion tunnel. »

Anthony Toulemonde, Manager


  • Clarification of the positioning of the different brand platforms
  • Digitisation of teams
  • Better qualification of leads
  • Increase in client satisfaction and improvement of e-reputation
  • Improvement of the campaigns ROIs


of the cost per lead