Business Case

Online sales experience and customer relationship

Améliorer l’expérience de vente et la relation client en ligne Connaisance & Données Client

The challenge

A real estate player wants to improve its experience and customer relationship by taking better advantage of its digital presence

Our approach

  • Evaluating the current ecosystem and the customer’s various points of contact with the brand
  • Defining an action plan to put the consumer back at the centre of the company’s strategy
  • Optimizing the organization towards a client-centric organization
  • Improving quality and efficiency across all customer paths: redesign of digital assets, redefinition of lead acquisition channels and strategies on each channel, redefinition of contact center missions, redefinition of the after-sales process
  • Deploying performance measurement tools

« The definition and implementation of an organization and roadmap focused on customer experience and satisfaction have significantly improved the commercial efficiency and performance of marketing investments. Digital has regained a coherent and useful place in an omnichannel experience that consumers want and appreciate. »


  • Streamlining procurement budgets
  • Improvement of sales efficiency (leads / sales ratio)
  • Improved customer experience and e-reputation
  • Identification of new digital service providers (SEO, social media, digital agency, CRM,…) to accelerate performance and digital transformation


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