Business Case

The challenge

A real-estate developer wants to improve its multi-channel mix by improving its customer knowledge

Our approach

  • Identifying the key touchpoints and communication levers throughout the customer journey
  • Defining the performance KPIs on the customer journey
  • Transforming analytical accounting to value operations by channel and identifying the most efficient channels
  • Implementing a tool that consolidates the different formats and sources of prospect and customer data

« Faced with the new purchasing behaviours observed in the real estate sector, customer data has become a priority issue. Our new approach allows us to monitor our customer data in real time and adapt our communication campaigns accordingly. This customer knowledge is a competitive advantage. »

Marketing and Communication Director


  • Better customer knowledge
  • Redefinition of multi-channel mixes by client cluster for a more advanced media strategy
  • Allocation of budgets to the best performing channels and improvement of ROI
  • Decision-making support through performance monitoring tools