Business Case

Multi-channel investments and operational efficiency

The challenge

A major Belgian car industry player wants to transform its organization and the management of its multi-channel investments in order to ensure its future growth

Our approach

  • Reviewing the process of budget definition and investment allocation
  • Defining KPIs for each channel and typology of campaign
  • Reallocating resources between the central team and the brand teams to pool key expertise and improve operational efficiency
  • Redesigning completely the supplier panel to meet the new organization, improve the service quality and optimize the costs
  • Drawing up the target work processes and supporting the teams in the use of new tools

« Many providers were common to the teams but were not managed in a coordinated way. The end of the silo-based organization and the redesigning of the supplier panel have therefore made it possible to reduce waste by pooling common expenses. »

Cécile Cliquet, Partner


  • Improvement of operational efficiency and team expertise across all channels
  • Investment performance measurement
  • Release of funds to cover future business needs

15 to 20%

savings on supplier costs