Business Case

Media strategy and customer acquisition


The challenge

A major retailer wants to optimize its media budget and manage the performance of its on and off acquisition campaigns

Our approach

  • Analyzing the relevance of the current means strategy and comparing pricing conditions with market practices
  • Reviewing collaborative processes with the media agency, validating compliance with the contract and its alignment with good market practices
  • Studying deliverables and tools dedicated to performance monitoring
  • Defining the key areas of on and off optimization: strategic guidelines (media mix, targets, visibility threshold, productivity KPIs, purchasing quality, etc.) and performance measurement
  • Co-constructing the roadmap with the media agency to correct the identified dysfunctions and implementing the new strategy

« At Lynx partners, we believe that, when the conditions are right, it is more efficient to implement our recommendations with the current media agency than to systematize a call for tenders. This teamwork is faster, seamless for our customers and their partners and generates real quickwins. »


  • Implementation of a more innovative and qualitative media strategy to promote brand emergence and acquisition
  • Financial gains on each expense item (purchase of space, remuneration and technical costs) allowing investment in new strategic levers
  • Improved performance monitoring: operational learning per campaign, implementation of measurement and reporting tools
  • Creation of a new momentum in the relationship with the historical media agency in order to recreate a partnership based on expertise and trust

4 M€

in gains on a like-for-like basis