Business Case

Offre Lynx _ Media et acquisition

The challenge

A player in the entertainment sector wants to issue a call for tenders to choose its new media and digital agencies

Our approach

  • Identifying the areas of optimization in terms of process and governance as well as future challenges on digital technology
  • Defining the agency territories and the corresponding batches
  • Defining the most appropriate variable compensation mechanisms
  • Managing the tender process: long and short lists of agencies by batch / practical cases to evaluate the agencies between them / tools for qualitative evaluation and comparison of responses to strategic cases / price offers and support for negotiations

« Our client, who used to invest more than €100 millions annually in all on and off-line media, has achieved considerable savings thanks to our media expertise, diagnosis and total support in negotiating with agencies. »


  • Significant savings generated over the entire budget
  • Improvement in the quality of purchase
  • Increase in online revenue
  • Reduction in digital technical costs


of digital technical costs