Business Case

Management of the means strategy

The challenge

A major player in the catering industry wants to challenge its media strategy, which is considered to be not very progressive from one year to the next, and to optimise the management of its expenses

Our approach

  • Analyzing media spending over the last 3 years, in terms of allocation, quality and emergence on all levers invested
  • Evaluating the tools used to monitor campaign performance, measure negotiation effort and manage expenses
  • Specifying the content of the deliverables to be provided to our client for an optimal and effective monitoring of campaign performance and a better justification of the decisions made
  • Redefining the expenditure commitment process
  • Determining the indicators and the periodicity of the information provided to support the decision

« Being the agency’s main interface, we were able to establish an inventory, define the key areas of optimization and help the media agency to respond as closely as possible to our client’s expectations while ensuring that the decisions made are based on rational elements. »


  • Redesign of the media strategy, and in particular the breakdown of expenses by media according to emergence and saturation thresholds
  • Budget release to diversify the coverage of contact points and gain visibility on under-exposed targets
  • Indicators and deliverables needed for informed and pragmatic decisions