Business Case

The challenge

A player in the luxury and cosmetics sector wants to review its organization in order to optimize the design and production of media by brand, zone and country

Our approach

  • Specifying key milestones in the campaign implementation process
  • Implementing new governance rules to redefine roles and leadership
  • Defining which media are to be produced locally or centrally
  • Supporting change by structuring information feedback and mobilising key players in all countries
  • Setting up monthly KPIs to monitor compliance with design and production processes

« The harmonization of media production and the definition of processes common to brands, zones and countries has enabled our client to overcome the complexity of its international organization to gain in efficiency. »


  • Clarification of the roles of brands, zones and countries
  • Better match with market needs
  • Greater anticipation, which reduces time-to-market and increases the adoption rate of centrally developed media