Business Case


The challenge

A leader in the Belgian banking sector wants to reorganize its internal production studio to effectively meet the demands of internal customers

Our approach

  • Understanding the source of dissatisfaction and the needs of internal customers
  • Identifying the key roles to be retained internally and those that can be outsourced
  • Designing the new organization and writing the corresponding job descriptions
  • Selecting service providers to improve production in terms of quality, responsiveness and competitiveness
  • Formalizing the new processes and the roles and responsibilities of each person
  • Writing the roadmap for upgrading project management tools

« Lynx partners’ intervention allowed us to optimize the operation of our studio. Finally, we benefit from all the advantages of an in-house studio (responsiveness, lower production costs, etc.). »


  • Increase in the added value of the internal team
  • Improved advice and support for the internal customer
  • Increase in quality and speed of production
  • Reduction of the total cost of production