Business Case

Innovation and quality

The challenge

A European non-food consumer actor wants to optimize its organisation and processes related to packaging and POS

Our approach

  • Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of internal and external players involved in the design of packaging and POS and write the job descriptions
  • Identifying the dysfunctions observed at each stage of the value chain and implementing corrective actions
  • Implementing a workflow management tool
  • Supporting change and training operational teams in the new process and tool

« Through this new organization, our role has been not only to reduce the quality and efficiency problems observed throughout the value chain, but also to support and train teams in the operational management of this change. »


  • Refocusing customer teams on their core business
  • Capitalization on the added value of the R&D team by involving them earlier in the process
  • Reduction of quality problems through the implementation of more frequent and structured controls