Business Case

The challenge

A major player in the Telecom sector wants to understand the dissatisfaction factors of customers and prospects related to their digital ecosystem

Our approach

  • Reviewing the customer journey and multi-channel performance on each customer segment
  • Analyzing the technical performance of the digital platform
  • Studying the performance of the site and applications in terms of customer experience through a consumer panel
  • Benchmarking international sectoral best practices

« Our approach to personalizing content and the digital experience is often mentioned as one of the reasons why our customers remain loyal to us. Clearly, we will continue to invest in this customization strategy! »

Director of Enterprise Operations


  • Improved site and application navigation experience
  • Harmonization of online content production and reduction of time to market
  • Personalization of digital content according to the specific expectations of each customer segment
  • Performance monitoring for decision-making


customer satisfaction