Business Case

Retail deploiement Mannequins

The challenge

A world leader in the non-food consumer goods industry wants to optimize its POS material use and expenses for all brands

Our approach

  • Redefining collaborative processes between Sales, Marketing and Purchasing Departments
  • Optimizing the process of defining optimal production quantities and staffing tools
  • Homogenizing some of the POS between the different brands
  • Reviewing the technical specifications of POS according to materials and constraints

« The analysis of all POS and their associated processes within the group highlighted the sources of waste. Thanks to our support, the customer has achieved considerable time savings and reduced his POS costs. »


  • Categorization of kits by operation
  • Pooling the production of some categories of POS products within the group
  • Reduction in stocks and therefore less waste
  • Reduction in the costs of producing and deploying POS displays