Business Case

Traceability and transparency of product data

Grande Consommation usages et services innovants

The challenge

A mass retailer, committed to responsible production and consumption, wants to differentiate itself on the integrity and transparency of product data communicated to consumers

Our approach

  • Starting from consumer experience and new uses such as product scanning to imagine innovative service concepts on product information
  • Mapping the different product data channels and identifying opportunities for short and medium-term optimization of data collection, storage, security, marking and distribution
  • Integrating the global consumer goods ecosystem into the target scheme: international, national, local and retail brands,… and new applications (ex Yuka)
  • Listing and benchmarking optimized technical solutions throughout the chain
  • Prototyping Front and Back Office proposals and having them tested by consumer and business users
  • Establishing a roadmap to accelerate and sustainably transform traceability, security and optimal use of product data

« Not all the products we consume can be “Yuka-good” but all must progress, display their qualities and defects and allow consumers to make informed choices. Our mission, initially oriented towards Data, has shifted towards Product and Service Marketing, in which Data and consumer uses play an essential role. »


  • Recommendation of a new marketing positioning around product information
  • Design of differentiating customer experiences, in Service Design
  • Identification of technological quick wins to accelerate the process
  • Schematization of a target data architecture
  • Modeling the deployment plan


sprint design




prototype in 8 weeks