Business Case

Traceability of digital costs

The challenge

An operator wants to optimize the traceability of digital media investments made by the media agency and its internal subsidiaries on programmatic and social media levers

Our approach

  • Collecting all operational and financial data
  • Directly accessing to the agency’s purchasing tools (DSP, Facebook Ads)
  • Analyzing strategic recommendations and validating investment choices (levers, management)
  • Comparing cost structures with the market’s best practices

« The programmatic universe is complex by the multitude of interconnected actors. Tracking investments is essential to the transparency, performance and trust that our client will place in his agency, even beyond digital subjects. »


  • Transparency of the digital cost structure and the real weight of the “Net Espace”.
  • New deliverables to justify the strategic choices of the “Net Espace” budget before the campaigns
  • Contractualization of new cost structures optimized by leverage
  • Transparent remuneration of the agency
  • Improved performance monitoring: learnings per campaign, systematization of test & learn, implementation of reporting tools


savings on an equivalent media plan