Business Case

Optimiser l’efficacité des supports et des coûts merchandising - Un acteur de l’industrie pharmaceutique souhaite améliorer l’efficacité de ses investissements et de ses supports Merchandising et PLV

The challenge

A pharmaceutical industry player wants to improve the efficiency of its POS investments

Our approach

  • Rethinking the supports to be developed according to needs, constraints, performance and budgets
  • Implementing a tool for automated definition of target quantities to be produced
  • Reviewing order processes and management rules (default kits and quantities, minimum order thresholds, etc.)
  • Redefining the roles and responsibilities of each department (Sales, Marketing, Supply…) in the POS deployment process and stocks and restocking follow-up

« The analysis of the presence of POS in pharmacies enabled us to identify waste points and their causes, by type of support and deployment channel. In the end, our customer has clearly improved his sales force at the point of sale. »

Baptiste Hamelin, Associate Director


  • A better acceptance rate for POS in pharmacies
  • Investments refocused on the most efficient media
  • A reduction in deadstocks and an optimization of storage costs and WCR