Business Case

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The challenge

A player in the distance selling wants to improve the catalogues completion deadlines and make the adaptation process easier in 20 countries.

Our approach

  • Diagnosing the main process internal and external malfunctions and their impacts on the time spent
  • Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each actor in the process
  • Writing the technical specifications of the best-suited tools and supporting the implementation
  • Training employees to use the new tools

« Thanks to the development of precise specifications and ad hoc training by Lynx, we have considerably reduced the production time of our catalogues, in 20 countries! »


  • Simplification and fluidification of information flows
  • Data reliability
  • Reduction in the number of participants at each stage of the catalogue creation
  • Reduction in time spent on content enrichment
  • Acceleration of the production of international catalogues