Business Case

The challenge

A major player in specialized distribution wants to harmonize the quality and optimize the production and technical costs of the shots and films produced by its subsidiaries

Our approach

  • Defining a segmentation of the different types of shooting and video productions
  • Identifying service providers adapted to each shooting and film segment
  • Defining target envelopes for each segment and each stage of production (shoot, photo retouching, video post-production, etc.)
  • Launching and managing calls for tenders for photographers, retouchers, production and post-production studios

« The analysis of the shooting and video productions by the subsidiaries enabled us to identify suitable service providers and a target budget. Our client has harmonized the quality of shots and films between its subsidiaries while optimizing their costs. »


  • Optimization of production costs and technical costs of shooting
  • Harmonization of the quality of the visuals produced between subsidiaries
  • Rationalization of the panel of service providers used by subsidiaries